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“Smart” Skills

December 23, 2010

These could be simple, easy skills or they could have the highest rating in the code of points. Either way, they are clever skills to fill the requirements.

Close to bar circles with 1 1/2 pirouette: Okay, so this one isn’t so easy, but it still gets rid of two requirements with one skill. You have your close to bar circle, your full pirouette and (potentially) your reverse grip. Add it on to an ezhova or a jaeger, and there’s another!

Forward Roll Mount: I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t do this skill instead of jump on mounts. If anything, it is less risky, and it does one important thing: it gets the leotard to touch the beam. Because there is a deduction for no “low to beam work,” this is very important. And simply switching out a leap for a forward roll means that gymnasts do not have to sit down on the beam and stand up again. Another mount that is useful in this sense is the squat through mount that Aliya Mustafina does. It’s not risky at all, and it means that she does not waste any time sitting down for no reason (except a .1 deduction).

Backhandsprings and Korbuts that aren’t “really” connected: Great, another simple close to beam skill! Korbuts especially are good for connection bonus, because adding them on to many skills gets an extra .1, and they won’t likely be used otherwise in the routine. The Chinese seem to have realized this, but not anybody else. All of those front pikes into korbuts and backhandsprings increase the score by a little bit. The same goes for any DC combination besides things like side aerial into layout stepout. Adding a korbut on will make it a BCD combination and worthy of an extra tenth.

1 1/2 Twist Combinations (Indirect): These are pretty smart because unlike whip combinations which get the same amount of bonus, they give the gymnast another C rated skill and fill the full twist requirement. I’ve decided that the “ultimate” tumbling pass is the 1 1/2 twist through to double arabian. There goes the requirements for a two salto pass, forward and backward saltos and double saltos and twisting saltos. If it’s the last pass, it fills the D rated dismount requirement as well. And it’s worth more than a “G.”

Full (or Double) Twisting Double Backs: All of them include the requirements of both a full twist and a double salto.

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  1. einseika permalink
    December 24, 2010 6:15 AM

    I totally agree about the three middle skills you mentioned, but I can see how the other two wouldn’t necessarily be smart:

    Close to bar circles with 1 1/2 pirouette fuflill a lot of CRs but they’re very hard to finish in handstand and often incur a 0.5 deduction for being 45 degrees past vertical, which really diminishes their worth (see Anna Porgras for an example).

    Full ins and double doubles – they do fulfill two CRs, but so does a double Arabian (front and double saltos) and, generally, I think double Arabians seem to be a bit easier to do really well than full ins.

    • December 24, 2010 7:46 AM

      That’s true. I guess the close to bar circles are only smart if the gymnast can actually do them perfectly. For full ins, I was thinking of routines where gymnasts have all double saltos, so the full in gets the twisting requirement out of the way. But it does make sense that they are just as useful as double arabians, or double fronts.

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