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Voronin Cup Event Finals

December 18, 2010

I’m watching the competition and taking some notes. After vault and bars, I started writing more but not watching the scores. Sorry, I’ve never tried to write quick hits before! I haven’t written about every gymnast, but here’s what I have (I also don’t know the names of many of the gymnasts):

Senior Vault

Oksana Chusovitina: Handspring front pike full. Nice landing. Good tsukahara full.

Tatiana Nabieva: Double Twisting Yurchenko and Piked Podkopayeva. Totally undeserved scores, although her form looked a bit better. Still, I think she got a 15 for her DTY and a 14.8 for her podkopayeva. The podkopayeva is only scored out of 15.2, so Nabieva with a 9.6 execution score = too high.

Anna Pavlova: Very nice DTY with nearly stuck landing. Scored less than Nabieva’s, though. I swear, it doesn’t make sense unless Nabieva was a lot cleaner than we’ve ever seen her. Anyways, Pavlova under-rotated her layout podkopayeva. She didn’t fall, but the landing was short.

Podium: Tatiana Nabieva, Oksana Chusovitina, Anna Pavlova

Junior Bars

Belorussian?: Very good form, nice surprise. Unfortunately, she fell a million times and only scored 8.9.

Baumann: Nice, hit routine. Her dismount was good. Lowish score, I think it was 12.9.

Ukrainian?: ray to tkachev, I think her feet hit the ground. Really bad flexed feet and leg separations.

Podium: Alena Vasilyeva, Darina Lyubitskaya, Maria Bondareva

Senior Bars

Mustafina and Nabieva are both competing. I saw Nabieva warming up a different routine from usual about an hour ago. Maloney to Pak salto to Stalder Full. Mustafina was still struggling on her pirouettes.

Maksyuta: Nice Jaeger, Empty swing and fall. Good double front 1/2 dismount.

Shapolova?: Stalder. Jaeger (fall). Bail, stalder shoot, giant full, sloppy double pike.

Galiulina: Jaeger, Clear Hip full to tkachev, bail to handstand, toe on, toe on full, full twisting double back (sloppy legs)

Mustafina: Stalder full, maloney half. Piked stalder half, piked jaeger. Piked stalder full, tkachev, pak, stalder half (falls over bar but not off). STUCK MUSTAFINA! I was just expecting a full twist, which is why I’m excited.

Nabieva: Toe on full, maloney, pak, stalder full, stalder, maloney half, toe on half to jaeger, toe on full to full twisting double back.

Elizarova: Stalder Shoot. Piked Jaeger (fall). Toe shoot. Double arabian dismount.

Lee: Clear hip, toe on full, piked tkachev. Jaeger. tkachev. Bail to handstand, fall on transition back to high bar. Repeats it and sticks full twisting double back.

Podium: Mustafina, Nabieva, Galiulina.

Junior Beam

Unknown gymnast: Press Mount. Front Aerial and Side aerial. backhandspring back tuck, fall. Beautiful turn in split, but she had a huge wobble. Front full dismount.

Unknown gymnast: BHS back tuck, fall. Front aerial and side somi. Very bad L turn that shouldn’t revieve credit. Front tuck off one foot. 1 1/2 dismount.

Ukrainian?: BHS LOSO. Side Aerial. Nice L turn. Switch Leap. Side Somi. BHS 1 1/2, looked tucked but probably wasn’t supposed to, and she fell.

Another Ukrainian?: Press mount to clear support. BHS LOSO. Front aerial. Back tuck. Switch Ring, very nice with no wobble. Pretty leap series and turn in split. Then she does two backhandsprings (probably supposed to dismount), and falls. One more and falls again. Finally goes with plan B and dismounts with a front full. Now I’m even more certain that she’s Ukrainian.

Russian?: Roundoff Layout to two feet. Onodi. Sheep jump (wobble). Full turn. Front aerial. Side Aerial (fall). Switch Leap. Roundoff BHS double pike. Lots of potential.

Sidorova: BHS BHS layout to two feet. Switch Leap to back tuck, side aerial. Sheep jump. Switch side. Turn in back attitude to split jump. Front aerial BHS layout stepout. Switch Ring Leap. Roundoff BHS double pike. This will get a very good score.

Unknown gymnast: Forward roll mount. fell on a side somi. Very low front tuck to fall. Back tuck. Missed the dismount.

Unknown gymnast: Punch Front, almost fell. Switch leap with half turn. Fell on side aerial. BHS layout stepout. Leap with full turn, under-rotated. Good side somi. Sheep jump. Swich Leap. Double Tuck dismount.

Podium: Anastasia Sidorova, Darina Lyubitskaya, Gymnast from Kazakstan

Senior Beam:

Lee: Switch Leap Back pike. Switch ring (fall). Back tuck. Roundoff 2 1/2 (?) twist

Unknown gymnast: Press handstand. Front Aerial. Side somi (fall). Switch Leap. BHS layout stepout. 1 1/2 (?) twist.

Galiulina: Double Wolf turn. Front pike. Front tuck. BHS LOSO. Switch Leap and Switch Side. Front Aerial to side Somi (fall). Double Tuck.

Pavlova!: her normal press mount. Swich Leap into yang bo!  Front aerial into bhs layout to two feet (or maybe a back pike, I’m watching it from the end of the beam so it’s hard to tell). Side somi and beautiful kolesnikova, which she struggled with in 2008. L turn. Omelianchik. 2 1/2 twist, step. Welcome back! I wish she was at worlds.

Maksyuta: Beautiful Scale. Switch leap 1/2. Roundoff layout to two feet (huge leg separation). side aerial. L turn. Straddled double pike, runs forward. It’s too bad she was on at the same time as Sidorova, I didn’t see much.

Elizarova: Forward Roll. Punch Front (she fell on the leap combination in warmups). Side Aerial. Front Aerial (Pause) BHS LOSO. Switch ring. Split leap with full turn. Side Somi (wobble). L turn. Front Full Dismount.

Inshina: Press Handstand. Jump combo. Front Aerial (pause) BHS LOSO. Side somi. L turn into full turn. Side aerial. Front tuck (big wobbe). Switch leap with 1/2 turn (fall). Double tuck.

Podium: Anna Pavlova, Valeria Maksyuta, Luiza Galiulina

I’m so excited for Anna! She totally deserved this.

Junior Floor:

Sofia Bramman just warmed up a double layout, a whip through to a double tuck, and a 2 1/2 twist to a stag jump.

Bramman: Double layout. Popa. Two whips to double tuck. 2 1/2 twist, missed the jump. Ends with a double pike. WOW! Another potential floor specialist for Russia.

Ukrainian?: Double Arabian. 2 1/2 twist. Whip to something (out of screen). Double Pike.

Belarus?: Double Pike. Double Tuck, lots of small steps. Front tuck to double twist. Front full to end.

Unknown gymnast: Double Pike. I missed the second pass. Front double twist, I think (maybe full), into stag jump. Sloppy 2 1/2 twist.

Baumann: 1 1/2 into front full. Last pass was 2 1/2 with a stumble backwards. Sorry I don’t have more, I was watching Pavlova for most of this routine.

Sidorova: 1 1/2 to triple. Full in. Switch Leap to Switch Side 1/2. Double turn. Double tuck. Front aerial to fill requirement. Double Pike (I would assume) out of screen.

Latvia?: Double Pike. Switch ring. Double tuck. 1 1/2 into front tuck. 2 1/2 (hand down).

Sankova: 1 1/2 to double tuck (cowboy). Front full to stag jump. third pass out of screen. Double pike.

Podium: Anastasia Sidorova, Kristina Sankova, Sofia Bramman

Senior Floor:

Elizarova: 2 1/2 into front layout 1/2. triple twist. Double pike. Leap pass. She moved the leap pass back, so she ends with it instead of the double pike. Smart move! It was nice to hear all of the Russian girls yelling “Davai” and “Stoi” at her, even though she’s not on their team anymore.

Azimbay: Double Pike. I missed the Second Pass. Semenova turn, not as spectacular as it was at YOG. Out of screen on third pass. Just a layout to end.

Unknown gymnast: Double arabian, deep squat but stuck. Second pass out of screen. Rudi. Whip into double Twist to end.

Galiulina: Sloppy 2 1/2 twist. Double pike. Very nice memmel! Double wolf turn. Double twist punch front. Switch ring leap. Double tuck.

Belokobilskaya: 1 1/2 to triple, messy legs. Front 2/1 into stag jump. Memmel with hops. Out of screen on third pass. Double L turn. Double tuck. I like this music a lot better than what she had earlier this year.

Mustafina: Double arabian into what was supposed to be a stag jump. Triple turn. 2 1/2 twist into front layout full, stuck. Memmel with half turn. Obviously trying to do a triple. 1 1/2 twist into rudi. Close to the line, but I don’t think it was out. Triple to finish, stuck.

Pacary: Shawn Johnson 2007 music. Double tuck. Front tuck to full twist. Last pass out of screen. It was some kind of front twist.

Maksyuta: Split leap 1 1/2. A front tumbling pass. Possibly a double front, since she was born in Ukraine and they seem to like them. She used to compete one, but has been competing a front double twist this year. 1 1/2 into front full. Switch side 1/2. 2 1/2 twist. Music is getting a bit weird. Double pike, a few steps and two feet out of bounds.

Senior Floor Podium: Aliya Mustafina, Yulia Belokobilskaya, Daria Elizarova

Junior Vault

Rumbutis: Full twisting yurchenko, layout yurchenko.

Sidorova: DTY. They’re putting down a landing mat… amanar? Nope, looked like a 1 1/2.

Podium: Anastasia Sidorova, Darina Lyubitskaya, Yulia Rumbutis

They gave this really tiny girl some kind of special award, and then gave Pavlova and her mom certificates and took photos with them. They’ve also given something to Mustafina and Maksyuta.


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