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Voronin Cup 2010

December 16, 2010

The Voronin Cup is the last competition of the year, and it should be very exciting. The Russians make up most of the lineup, which also includes gymnasts from Belarus, France, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Sweden, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and surprisingly USA.

The big story of the meet so far is the injury of Viktoria Komova, who was pretty much guaranteed her third Voronin Cup all around win in a row. Komova’s injury is not gymnastics related; according to International Gymnast Magazine, Komova simply tripped while walking through the gym, spraining her foot. Her teammate, Anastasia Grishina was also scheduled to compete awhile ago, but a nagging back injury has been keeping her out of competition. I was worried that this would lead to a lack of videos, since Grishina’s mother usually posts them on youtube, but there is actually a live stream here.

The injuries have, of course, opened up the field in a competition where Komova could have easily won five gold medals. It is looking like Anastasia Sidorova will dominate the junior competition. She can probably win everything except bars with hit routines. Her biggest competition will probably come from some of her teammates, along with Ukraine’s Kristina Sankova and possibly the USA’s Alyssa Baumann. Sankova is good on floor, while Baumann has potential on beam.

The 1995 born juniors are competing in the senior competition, so they should make it a bit more interesting. Yulia Belokobyskaya, Yulia Inshina, Maria Paseka, Maria Smirnova and Maria Dunaeva headline that list. I haven’t seen much of Dunaeva or Smirnova, but both have F rated tumbling passes on floor, a double layout and a 3 1/2 twist. Also competing with the seniors is Kazakhstan’s Moldir Azimbay, a YOG competitor with a very nice “Semenova” turn.

The senior division isn’t all about the 1995 girls, though. Tatiana Nabieva, a member of Russia’s gold medal team at worlds, will be competing. Perhaps her greatest competition, besides the juniors, will come from two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova. I personally hope Pavlova competes to her potential and wins the all around, vault and beam. I was so disappointed that she wasn’t at worlds this year, because even though she was injured, she deserves that gold medal more than Kurbatova. Her top competition on vault may be Oksana Chusovitina, who had a rough time at worlds. But Pavlova’s current vaults are worth more, so she should win unless Nabieva throws her top difficulty. Luiza Galiulina of Uzbekistan, the Asian Games bronze medalist on beam, could also win that event. Her teammate, former Russian national team member Daria Elizarova, has a chance at finishing in the top three in the all around, bars, beam and floor. Ukraine’s Valentina Holenkova can also do well with strong performances, but strong performances are not easy for the Ukrainian’s. USA’s Sophia Lee who missed out on the national team has a pretty good chance at making the bars podium, since her routine has three releases including a piked tkachev. She also performs a very nice double layout on floor.

All in all, the injury of Komova may make the competition less prestigious, but it makes the fight for medals a lot more exciting.


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