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Toyota Cup 2010: Preview

December 6, 2010


Jiang Yuyuan (L) and Aliya Mustafina (C) will both compete this week at the Toyota Cup

The Toyota Cup in Japan is only five days away, and is the last major competition of the year. The two day competition starts December 11th and features event finals with some of the stars of the gymnastics world, including World All Around Champion Aliya Mustafina of Russia. She will face competition from Lauren Mitchell, Deng Linlin, Sui Lu, Jiang Yuyuan, Jo Hyun Joo, Anna Dementyeva, Ekaterina Kurbatova, Koko Tsurumi and Rie Tanaka along with a few others (full roster is listed below). It will be interesting to see how Jiang Yuyuan, Koko Tsurumi and Anna Dementyeva have been doing, since they have struggled a bit the last time they competed. Tsurumi in particular has had quite a rough year, struggling at both Worlds and the Asian Games (although she may not be competing due to an injury- she sat out Japan’s Nationals). Therefore, this just may be another chance for Rie Tanaka to cement her spot as Japan’s leading gymnast. Lauren Mitchell and Sui Lu have also been very successful post worlds; will this be another chance for them to shine? Interestingly enough, they are strong on the same events.


Ashleigh Brennan
Larissa Miller
Lauren Mitchell

Deng Linlin
Sui Lu
Jiang Yuyuan

Rosanna Ojara
Reeta Pietilae

Pia Tolle
Marie-Sophie Hindermann
Giulia Hindermann

Jo Hyun Joo
Eum Eun Hui
Park Ji Yeon

Aliya Mustafina
Anna Dementieva
Ekaterina Kurbatova

Koko Tsurumi
Rie Tanaka
Mai Yamagishi
Momoko Ozawa
Yu Minobe


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  1. December 7, 2010 10:11 AM

    ok once again, where is the American Team?? I would think we SHOULD have a team at this competition?? Ok So where can we send out e-mails about this problem?? USA Gymnastics? Marta herself?? I think we need to have some kind of e-mail campaign to at least answer why they do this?? And Hopefully change this. I wonder how the gymnast feel about not competing at these competitions??

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