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Bumbo Cup All Around

December 4, 2010

Junior Podium (photo:

In the senior competition, there wasn’t much to write about. Chanel Parsons won over teammates Ashleigh Heldsinger and Jennifer Khwela. The senior field was made up entirely of South Africans. Khwela scored the only 14 of the senior meet, but missed bars for a 9.175 to finish third all around.

In the junior competition, Katelyn Ohashi of WOGA (USA) won the all around. Her top score was a huge 15.25 on beam. However, she did not go through without mistakes; she scored only 13.25 on bars, which despite being the second highest bars score of the competition indicates that she likely had a fall, given the difficulty of her routine. In an odd competition where vault averages were actually used, she scored a 14.7 on her first vault but only 12.4 on her second (from the score sheet I am guessing that averages were used to qualify for vault finals, and if two vaults were preformed the average was counted towards the total). Her teammate McKenzie Wofford was second and recorded the high score on uneven bars, scoring consistently in the mid-high 13s. Keira Brennan of Wales rounded out the all around podium. Jessica Hogg, a YOG competitor, appears to have injured herself during the competition with a floor score of zero.

The event finals take place today.

Source: (Senior Reults/Junior Results/Competition Report)

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