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Asian Games: Prelims/Team Finals

November 14, 2010

Team China

The results for the team finals are in, and China beat Japan by about 11 points. Uzbekistan was about 15 points behind Japan, managing to win their first ever Asian Games team medal over South Korea by only one point. China was not mistake free, but neither was Japan.

The all around qualification had a few surprises: Jiang Yuyuan fell on bars, beam and floor. The favorite for the title finished 5th behind three of her teammates: Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu and Yang Yilin. The Chinese coaches may be able to pull out Sui Lu and Yang Yilin to let her compete, but they may not be able to justify taking two girls out of their well deserved all around spots. They also might be worried about Jiang doing it again; if she screws up, they would be relying on top qualifier Huang Qiushuang to take the gold, and Huang is extremely inconsistent. Jiang also failed to make any event finals. Continuing her upswing from the world championships, Rie Tanaka of Japan was the highest non-Chinese qualifier in fourth. Another favorite for an all around medal, Koko Tsurumi, had a very low score on floor and was pushed out of an all around spot by veteran Kyoko Oshima. Russian Uzbek Daria Elizarova was eight, followed by Luiza Galiulina. The all around competition will be small, because there are not enough gymnasts to fill all the spots.

Event final qualification went pretty much as planned. The gymnast who could stand in the way of China sweeping the gold medals (if they hit) is Korea’s Jo Hyun Joo. She qualified second on vault, but had the highest difficulty. I think Huang Qiushuang, who qualified first on vault, was probably over scored. She received execution scores of 9.3 and 9.5 on her vaults, which are practically unheard of. China and Japan dominated bars and beam, taking the top 9 spots on bars and 8 of the top 9 spots on beam. The also did a great job on floor, especially the Chinese, who had the top 4 qualifiers.

All Around Qualifiers:
1. Huang Qiushuang CHN 59.000 (15.3/15.85/13.95/13.9)
2. Sui Lu CHN 57.55 (13.7/14.05/15.3/14.5)
3. Rie Tanaka JPN 56.45 (14.75/14.35/14/13.35)
4. Kyoko Oshima JPN 54.6 (13.95/14.15/13.5/13)
5. Daria Elizarova UZB 54.15 (13.7/13.55/13.6/13.3)
6. Luiza Galiulina UZB 53.8 (13.3/13.3/14.25/12.95)
7. Jo Hyun Joo KOR 52.35 (13.65/11.95/12.7/13.25)
8. Do Thi Ngan Thuong VIE 51.55 (13.65/11.95/12.7/13.25)
9. Park Ji Yeon KOR 51.4 (13.75/13.45/13.05/11.15)
10. Lim Heem Wei SIN 51.2 (13.55/12.55/13.2/11.9)
11. Tracie Ang MAS 50 (12.55/11.75/13.7/12)
12. Wong Hiu Ying Angel HKG 47.5 (13.4/10.6/12.45/11.05)
13. Do Thi Thu Huyen VIE 47.05 (13.65/8.6/12.75/12.05)
14. Oon Hui Krystal Khoo SIN 42.75 (12.75/8.9/10.7/10.4)
15. Aljazy Abdulrahman Alhabshi QAT 42.3 (12.8/8.15/10.7/10.65)
16. Mananchaya Senklang THA 42.3 (12.65/9.15/11.1/9.5)

Vault Qualifiers:
1. Huang Qiushuang CHN 14.9 (15.3/14.5)
2. Jo Hyun Joo KOR 14.675 (14.75/14.6)
3. Rie Tanaka JPN 14.475 (14.75/14.2)
4. Phan Thi Ha Than VIE 14.325 (14/14.65)
5. Momoko Ozawa JPN 14.275 (15.05/13.5)
6. Wong Hiu Ying Angel HKG 13.775 (13.4/14.15)
7. Do Thi Ngan Thuong VIE 13.725 (13.65/13.8)
8. Dipa Karmakar IND 13.575 (13.85/13.3)

Bars Qualifiers:
1. He Kexin CHN 16.1
2. Huang Qiushuang CHN 15.85
3. Koko Tsurumi JPN 14.45
4. Rie Tanaka JPN 14.35
5. Daria Elizarova UZB 13.55
6. Park Ji Yeon KOR 13.45
7. Luiza Galiulina UZB 13.3
8. Park Eun Kyun 13.2

Beam Qualifiers:
1. Sui Lu CHN 15.3
2. Deng Linlin CHN 14.65
3. Mai Yamagishi JPN 14.35
4. Yuko Shintake JPN 14.25
5. Luiza Galiulina UZB 14.25
6. Tracie Ang MAS 13.7
7. Daria Elizarova UZB 13.6
8. Moon Eunmee KOR 13.55

Floor Qualifiers:
1. Sui Lu CHN 14.5
2. Huang Qiushuang CHN 13.9
3. Rie Tanaka JPN 13.35
4. Mai Yamagishi JPN 13.35
5. Daria Elizarova UZB 13.3
6. Do Thi Ngan Thuong VIE 13.25
7. Luiza Galiulina UZB 12.95
8. Jo Hyun Joo KOR 12.8

Additional Videos:
Yang Yilin CHN 57.3 (14.95/14.95/13.8/13.6)
Jiang Yuyuan CHN 55.75 (14.85/14.4/13.45/13.05)
Koko Tsurumi 54.15 (13.85/14.45/13.9/11.95)
He Kexin Floor 13.7
Deng Linlin Vault 14.35
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