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DTB Cup Finals

November 13, 2010

Videos are linked to the results.

Lauren Mitchell was the star today, picking up three golds. I found some quick hits in German that I put through google translate, so I will try to decipher it! Cairns had a perfect yurchenko 1.5 and a yurchenko 1/2 on front tuck to win vault. Jennifer Khwela upgraded to a yurchenko 1.5 but didn’t have quite enough rotation and took a big step. Her second vault was a front pike 1/2. Anna Dementyeva preformed a yurchenko 1/1 and a yurchenko 1/2 on front tuck. Pia Tolle of Germany had a good Tsukahara 1/1 and front tuck 1/2. Klarenbach crashed her second vault. Tkalcec of Croatia preformed a yurchenko 1/1 and a front pike 1/2.

Elisabeth Seitz who qualified first on bars had an issue with her high to low transition which is usually a bail to handstand. It sounds like it was a fall. Lauren Mitchell won with a nearly perfect routine. Anja Brinker did a Shaposhnikova, Gienger and Jaeger without any problems except a step on he dismount. Koval had a very nice routine but her difficulty was lower than yesterday. Jana Sikulova had to have the bars reset for her (I suppose she’s very tall), and preformed with no major mistakes. Demyanchuk preformed a hindorff, jaeger, gienger and tkachev. I’m assuming she did her awesome hop 1/1 + tkachev + gienger combo. Laisi had a jaeger and a pak, but not very good pirouettes.

Mitchell again had a great routine on beam. Sikulova had lots of big wobbles. Koval preformed her freecartwheel + layout stepout combo. She had no wobbles and just a small step on the dismount. Whelan had interesting combinations but a big wobble on her freecartwheel + layout stepout combo. Dementyeva fell on her “Mennicelli half-rotation,” which I think is her onodi, same as yesterday (edit- Onodi was good, it was her illusion turn). I think Demyanchuk had a big step forward on her dismount and perhaps a fell on her full. Klarenback worked without major errors.

Apparently Khwela mounted with a double layout on floor, but I’m not sure that is correct (edit- Fidi told me that it was actually a double tuck. thanks!). I think she may’ve fallen on her double pike. Seitz had a good full in tucked and piked, but then had issues with her triple twist and maybe an out of bounds on her double pike. Mitchell was spectacular. Pia Tolle had a simple but well executed routine. Koval ran out of bounds I believe on her double tuck, but was otherwise clean. Dementyeva had issues with her full in again (she fell yesterday). I’m not sure if it was an outright fall or not. Sazonova had issues with pretty much all of her tumbles.

Full Results:

1. Cairns (GBR) 13.937
2. Khwela (RSA) 13.600
3. Pinto (CHI) 13.575
4. Tkalcec (CRO) 13.450
5. Pia Tolle (GER) 13.300
6. Dementieva (RUS) 13.187
7. Klarenbach (CAN) 12.912
8. May (CAN) 11.200

1. Mitchell (AUS) 14.150 (5.5)
2. Anja Brinker (GER) 13.925 (5.8)
3. Dementieva (RUS) 13.900 (5.7)
4. Demyanchuk (UKR) 13.775 (6.1)
5. Koval (UKR) 13.675 (5.4)
6. Sikulova (CZE) 13.525 (5.6)
7. Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 12.750 (5.8)
8. Laisi (FIN) 11.825 (5.2)

1. Mitchell (AUS) 15.325 (6.5)
2. Koval (UKR) 14.375 (5.9)
3. Dementieva (RUS) 13.800 (6.0)
4. Whelan (GBR) 13.775 (5.6)
5. Klarenbach (CAN) 13.475 (5.3)
6. Demyanchuk (UKR) 13.225 (5.9)
7. Sikulova (CZE) 11.875 (4.9)
8. Pietila (Fin) 11.025 (4.5)

1. Mitchell (AUS) 14.275
2. Dementieva (RUS) 13.525
3. Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 13.200
4. Klarenbach (CAN) 12.925
5. Pia Tolle (GER) 12.875
6. Sazonova (RUS) 12.825
7. Khwela (RSA) 12.675
8. Koval (UKR) 12.400

Source: Translated/German

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