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Meets This Weekend: Preview

November 10, 2010

I’ve already written a bit about the Asian Games and the Italian Grand Prix, but there’s still more to come this weekend!

DTB Cup: The DTB cup, November 12th-14th, has drawn in some big names this year. The highlights are Anna Dementyeva (AA), Lauren Mitchell (AA), Bruna Leal (AA), Jennifer Pinches (VT/FX), Imogen Cairns (VT), Hannah Whelan (BB/FX), Elisabeth Seitz (UB/BB/FX), Anja Brinker (UB), Jennifer Khwela (AA), Anastasia Koval (UB/BB/FX) and Yana Demyanchuk (UB/BB).

For more information:

Elite Gym Massilia: Is taking place November 12th-14th. Highlights include Ksenia Semenova, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Tatiana Nabieva, Natalia Joura, Georgia-Rose Brown and Aurelie Malaussena.

For more information:

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  1. Nick permalink
    November 10, 2010 6:32 PM

    Wow, thanks for informing us of the competitions coming up! I had no idea that the big names were competing in anything after worlds! I can’t wait for some of the performances to be up on youtube 🙂

    • November 10, 2010 7:33 PM

      I’m looking forward to the videos as well. I kind of wish the Americans would actually go to some of these competitions. World cups would be great for B-Team gymnasts like Hunter, Jetter and Whitcomb. The level of competition at a lot of them isn’t great, but it would give them a chance to actually compete internationally and probably get some decent results. I suppose experience for this years B-Team isn’t a top priority since they likely won’t even make the national team with juniors coming up next year, but it couldn’t hurt. Russia is sending Irina Sazonova to the DTB Cup, and she has no chance at 2011 or 2012 unless more the half of the national team is injured.
      Something that puzzles me is Lauren Mitchell listed on vault. I didn’t think she had two vaults. If she did, she should have preformed them at commonwealths because they would have almost certainly won her another medal if her second vault is halfway decent.

  2. November 11, 2010 8:49 PM

    Can someone tell me WHY the Americans are not going to these meets??? I have asked Intly gymnast mag, but they have not responded??


  1. Elite Gym Massilia

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