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Italian Grand Prix!

November 3, 2010

Viktoria Komova (C) and Tan Sixin (R) are scheduled to compete. Maybe Italy should sent Carlotta Ferlito (L) to complete the podium! (photo:

This is likely one of the most exciting competition lineups we will see for the rest of the year. The top competitors are world all around champion Aliya Mustafina, youth olympics and junior european all around champion Viktoria Komova, youth olympics runner up Tan Sixin and 2006 world all around champion Vanessa Ferrari. Other competitors include Italians Lia Parolari (2008 olympian), Serena Licchetta (2009 world bars finalist) and Elisabetta Preziosa (2009 world beam finalist).

The gymnasts will be allowed to choose where they want to compete in a relaxed format, making it more of an exhibition than a real competition. I am super excited to see how these girls look, especially Komova and Tan who will be seniors next year.

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